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7 Best Inji Songs of All-time

Inci, a talented singer hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, discovered her love for music at a young age, initially delving into classical piano competitions throughout Europe. Despite not winning those competitions, her passion for singing never waned. Transitioning from a childhood pastime to a serious pursuit, Inci joined jazz groups and choirs during her high school years in London. At Penn, she continued to nurture her musical aspirations, joining the a cappella group Penn Counterparts and forming her own jazz band.

Around six months ago, Inci embarked on a personal project, releasing the songs “GASLIGHT”, “BELLYDANCING” and “MADELINE” as part of a cheeky five-song EP. Collaborating with Penn graduate Alex Graf, she delved into music production, showcasing a mix of humor and female empowerment in her lyrics. Inci’s journey exemplifies her dedication to the stage, transforming her childhood dreams into a reality that resonates with listeners, encouraging them to laugh along and embrace empowerment.

What is Inji real name?

Inji is a Turkish singer who lives in the USA. Her real name is Inci Guven.

Here are the 7 best songs:


Inci’s song “GASLIGHT” released in 2022 has taken the TikTok platform by storm, capturing the attention of millions of users and gaining widespread popularity. The track, featuring iconic lyrics such as “Gaslight, gatekeep / Call his new bitch mainstream,” has become a viral sensation, with over two million users creating videos using its catchy sound. Notably, influencers like Charli D’Amelio and Bella Porch have contributed to the song’s TikTok craze, further propelling its reach. Born out of Inci’s personal project to share her music on Spotify, “GASLIGHT” stands as a testament to the infectious power of its lyrics and beats, resonating with a diverse audience and solidifying its place as a cultural phenomenon on the popular social media platform.


INJI’s “MADELINE” emerges as a vibrant anthem for those familiar with the wild escapades of city nightlife. Serving as the follow-up to her viral TikTok hit, “GASLIGHT,” INJI continues to carve her niche in music that invites listeners to revel in the sheer joy of losing oneself on the dance floor. With an infectious hook and a hypnotic uptempo, “MADELINE” captures the essence of a carefree summer, particularly in the bustling streets of New York City. The song skillfully encapsulates the alluring blend of glamour and grit found in the city’s club culture, narrating tales of 3 a.m. cigarette-stained kisses and the camaraderie shared during drunken bathroom pep talks. INJI’s music proves to be a celebration of the unapologetic and exhilarating experiences that define the vibrant nightlife scene, making “MADELINE” a compelling addition to her repertoire.


Inji’s latest release, “The One,” unveiled in 2023, has quickly become a sensation, captivating audiences not only on YouTube but also on Spotify. The song’s popularity is evident in its widespread acclaim and significant streaming numbers. “The One” showcases Inji’s ability to craft music that resonates with a broad audience, attracting attention for its compelling melodies, engaging lyrics, or perhaps a combination of both. As the track gains momentum on both YouTube and Spotify, it solidifies Inji’s position as an artist whose music transcends platforms and captivates listeners across various digital landscapes. Whether through its catchy hooks or distinctive sound, “The One” appears to have struck a chord, marking another successful chapter in Inji’s evolving musical journey.


Inji’s 2023 release, “Bored,” has swiftly risen to prominence, capturing the ears of listeners on both Spotify and YouTube. The song’s popularity is unmistakable, evident in its impressive streaming numbers and widespread acclaim. “Bored” showcases Inji’s musical prowess, blending captivating melodies with perhaps relatable or thought-provoking lyrics.


This song was released in 2023 and new trend song on Spotify and YouTube. One of the great songs of Inji and seems a very attractive clip on Youtube.

2. DROP TOP (feat. Eddie Zuko)

“DROP TOP” by INJI (Ft. Eddie Zuko) emerges as a lively and self-assured anthem, delivering a message centered around self-worth and resisting compromise. The lyrics delve into the world of materialism, exploring the contrast between outward displays of affluence and the underlying reality of individual circumstances. The song’s playful tone is evident from its opening lines, provocatively posing the question, “Say ‘how much wood would a bad bitch chuck if a bad bitch could chuck wood?'” This introduction sets the stage for a track that celebrates empowerment and the refusal to settle for anything less than what one deserves. With a fusion of confidence and playful lyricism, “DROP TOP” stands as a testament to INJI’s ability to blend themes of self-value with an infectious musicality, creating a compelling and enjoyable listening experience.


“BELLYDANCING” by INJI paints a vivid picture of a carefree and spontaneous escapade, capturing the essence of a night out filled with desire for excitement and adventure. The lyrics convey a yearning for a specific atmosphere, with mentions of the darbuka drum and arabesk music, setting the stage for an energetic and joyous belly dancing experience. The song’s narrative seems to embrace the idea of letting go of inhibitions, immersing oneself in the moment, and relishing the carefree spirit of a spontaneous night. Through its lively depiction and cultural references, “BELLYDANCING” showcases INJI’s ability to weave storytelling into music, creating a vibrant and engaging auditory experience for listeners.

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