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10 Best Bandmanrill Songs of All-time

Step into the extraordinary world of Bandmanrill, the trailblazing American rapper and songwriter hailing from Newark, New Jersey. Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, he emerged as a beacon of creativity, captivating audiences with his innovative fusion of Jersey club and drill elements. Under the esteemed Warner Music Group, Bandmanrill’s rise to fame was swift, and in April 2021, he astounded critics and fans alike with the unforgettable “Heartbroken” track, hailed by Pitchfork as the “must-hear rap song of the day.” A lyrical virtuoso, he continued to impress with the magnetic “Tonight’s Da Night Freestyle” in November 2021.

In August 2022, Bandmanrill’s sonic evolution reached new heights with the release of “Real Hips,” lauded by The New York Times’ Jon Caramanica for its exquisite blend of drill music, Jersey club, and bass influences. But the true pinnacle of his artistry manifested in October 2022, as he unveiled his debut opus, “Club Godfather” featuring remarkable collaborations with NLE Choppa, Lay Bankz, Skaiwater, Sha EK, and DJ swill. This monumental project solidified Bandmanrill’s status as a pioneer of the hip-hop scene, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of music enthusiasts worldwide, who now eagerly await the next chapter in his awe-inspiring journey.

Here are the 10 Best Bandmanrill songs:


In the controversial track “Lurkin” by Bandmanrill, the artist delves into a perilous narrative, glorifying a lifestyle riddled with danger and recklessness. While the chorus seemingly encourages hard work to achieve success, the verses tell a different tale, painting a disturbing picture of a character immersed in criminal activities, including theft, violence, and gunplay. The presence of lines that insinuate sexually abusive relationships further compounds the problematic and offensive nature of the song. Moreover, the lyrics objectify and demean women, perpetuating a demeaning view of femininity. While music can be an avenue for artistic expression, “Lurkin” unfortunately strikes a discordant chord, veering into the realms of harmful messaging and derogatory language, warranting thoughtful reflection on its broader societal impact.


“Piano,” a captivating collaboration between Bandmanrill and Lay Bankz, emerged as a standout gem within the illustrious “Club Godfather” album, released in 2022. This enchanting piano-driven track showcased the artistic prowess of both musicians, weaving a spellbinding tale through their harmonious blend of talents. With its mesmerizing melody and infectious rhythm, “Piano” lured listeners into a world of musical brilliance, transcending the boundaries of conventional rap. Bandmanrill’s distinctive style, infused with Lay Bankz’s lyrical finesse, elevated the song to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts.


“Free Bro,” an emotionally charged anthem featured in Bandmanrill’s illustrious “Club Godfather” album, stands as a poignant tribute to a dear friend ensnared by legal struggles or confinement. With the opening line “Free bro,” the artist lays bare his heartfelt desire for his friend’s liberation. Throughout the song, Bandmanrill unapologetically speaks of his own esteemed reputation on the streets, a testament to his powerful and respected persona. Demonstrating unwavering loyalty to his friends, he boldly asserts his ability to protect them single-handedly, eschewing the need for gang support. In a daring verse, he fearlessly addresses critics, confidently brushing off their envious comments about his success and lifestyle. He doesn’t shy away from sharing a confrontational encounter with an adversary who threatened him, displaying unyielding resilience.

7. Influence

Bandmanrill’s “INFLUENCE” is a magnetic anthem that boldly lays bare the rapper’s journey to prosperity and dominance within the rap industry. In a gripping intro, he confronts the green-eyed glares of envy, setting the stage for an unapologetic narrative of ambition and success. The chorus resonates with unbridled determination as Bandmanrill unapologetically pursues wealth and triumph, unabashedly casting aside conventional paths like formal education. Reveling in his accomplishments, he boasts of a newfound luxury, brandishing both his opulent car and the allure of women. With a captivating verse, he celebrates the loyalty of his crew, ready to defend their reputation against all odds. Bandmanrill’s frustration at imitation artists echoes through his lyrics, passionately yearning for due recognition for his groundbreaking influence on the industry. Amidst the triumphs, he doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the pain of missing friends incarcerated, hopeful for a reunion that may yet come to fruition. “INFLUENCE” is a tour de force, fusing authentic bravado with heartfelt reflections, reminding us of the relentless spirit that has earned Bandmanrill his rightful place in the pantheon of rap legends.

6. Real Hips 

“Real Hips” by Bandmanrill offers a provocative and candid glimpse into the rapper’s sensual escapades and unwavering loyalty to his inner circle. With lyrics like “put my hands on ya hips,” the song delves unapologetically into the realm of intimate encounters, expressing his appreciation for the allure of a woman’s hips during moments of passion. Amidst the steamy narrative, Bandmanrill showcases the profound bond he shares with his friends or “bros,” emphasizing his willingness to go to great lengths for their sake, even if it means sacrificing everything he has.


“La Freestyle” exudes electrifying energy, showcasing Bandmanrill’s lyrical prowess and magnetic charisma. In this electrifying rap masterpiece, the artist unleashes a torrent of raw emotions and untamed talent, effortlessly weaving through verses that paint vivid pictures of street life and his journey to success. Each bar delivers a powerful punch, and the beat serves as the perfect canvas for Bandmanrill to showcase his mastery of flow and rhythm. With “La Freestyle,” he cements his status as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop realm, leaving audiences captivated and craving more of his unique blend of audacious storytelling.


With “DON’T MAKE ME CRASH (GIRL WITH THE TATTOO REMIX),” Bandmanrill unapologetically delves into the complexities of trust and loyalty, crafting an unyielding anthem that dares to demand authenticity. Exuding magnetic confidence, the rapper effortlessly navigates the lyrical landscape, making it abundantly clear that he has no time for the disingenuous or insincere. In the first verse, he boldly dismisses the “lame” and “goofy,” surrounding himself only with those who uphold the sacred tenets of loyalty. With unwavering solidarity, Bandmanrill’s united force stands ready to defend their circle, symbolized by the mention of the “toolie.” This audacious track masterfully captures the essence of an artist who commands respect and sets a fierce precedent for genuineness in an industry that often veers toward pretense.

3. Copy and Paste 

“Copy and Paste” by Bandmanrill is a striking anthem that exudes the artist’s unapologetic confidence and relentless pursuit of success. With an audacious blend of swagger and self-awareness, the song delves into the rapper’s journey to the top, unabashedly addressing those who attempt to imitate his inimitable style, only to fall short in the shadow of his unique talent. Bandmanrill fearlessly declares his hunger for wealth and fame, unapologetically embracing his aggressive attitude as a driving force behind his triumphs. Reveling in his prowess with the opposite sex, he proudly boasts about his ability to allure women and generously indulges in spoiling them.


In the triumphant “Floyd” by Bandmanrill, the rapper unapologetically revels in his newfound success and status, basking in the limelight of wealth and fame. With unbridled exuberance, the first verse paints a vivid picture of his opulent lifestyle, showcasing lavish spending habits and an unshakeable tough persona that commands attention wherever he goes. The chorus serves as a captivating anthem to his own greatness, drawing a parallel to the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, symbolizing Bandmanrill’s immense self-assurance and confidence.

1. Jiggy In Jersey 

“Jiggy In Jersey” is a high-energy anthem that celebrates the vibrant essence of Bandmanrill’s roots in Newark, New Jersey. Infused with infectious beats and captivating rhymes, the song encapsulates the rapper’s unapologetic pride in his hometown and the distinctive culture that shaped him. With an unwavering swagger, Bandmanrill lyrically paints a vivid picture of the city’s allure, drawing listeners into the electric atmosphere of its streets. The track is a mesmerizing showcase of his musical prowess and charismatic persona, firmly establishing him as a torchbearer of the Jersey hip-hop scene.

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